Thursday, August 14, 2014

Welcome to the Daystar Products Blog!

Hello Everyone,

As the title says, "welcome to the Daystar Products blog."  Here is where you'll get the straight talk on:

Daystar Products.

What goes into the making of a new lift and leveling kit?  Or our new Hood Cowls and Vents?  Why are we "Made in the USA?" What's coming up in the near future?  What are the tech specs for a certain product?  How do I install it?

(We have a whole series of videos on Youtube that will help you out)

From Dash Panels to Cam Cans to our famous Lift & Leveling Kits.  You'll learn it all.

Pictures and notes from our attending various Jeep Events.

What shows will we be attending through the year?  What is going on with our latest Jeep builds?
What sort of swag will we have at various events?

The people who bring you the finest quality Jeep accessories made right here in the USA.
Who are the folks who design these products?  What goes into shipping you the parts you need for your Jeep or truck?

You'll see all of this and more cool stuff that fits right in with the offroad lifestyle.  We hope you'll join us here and on our other social media  (see right) to learn more about why Daystar is the number one in Jeep Accessories.  


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