Friday, August 29, 2014

Daystar Products Sponsors Motor Trend's CHEAP TRUCK CHALLENGE on Youtube!

There's not a lot of things more fun than offroading, and when we were approached by MOTOR TREND CHANNEL with sponsoring an offroad show that blends together all the things that makes offroading fun, well we couldn't say, "No!"

We just had to say, "HECK, YEAH!"

CHEAP TRUCK CHALLENGE is available on Youtube as part of the DIRT EVERYDAY program, and we're a proud sponsor. CTC mixes in your Do-It-Yourself Show, Your Competition Show, and your Whacky Characters Show in an offroad format that is a great entry into the world of offroading.

Contestants are all friends of host Fred Williams who get together in smash-built trucks and jeeps that have to meet a certain budget (Fred's is an S-10) .  Then they put the vehicles through all sorts of challenges that test the drivers and vehicles for heck of it!  Lots of driving, climbing, and wrenching!

It's a great starter show into the world of offroading and fabrication with lots of great tips and ideas for folks on a budget.

Why don't you check it out for yourself?  Be sure to leave a comment on their Youtube page and tell them Daystar sent you!

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