Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Daystar FC is on Facebook and Everywhere Else!

Because we'll be taking her out all across the country, we decided to create a Daystar FC 170 page on Facebook.  That way you'll be able to keep track as to when the Jeep FC will be in your neighborhood! Be sure to like the page so it will show up in your newsfeed.

In addition to the articles we've archived here on the blog, we've also set up a webpage to chronicle the build of the FC and the reaction to it from around the world.  The Daystar Jeep FC was voted #1 Vehicle more than any other vehicle at SEMA.  We're very proud of our 100% employee built vehicle and want to make sure you get a chance to look her over, as well as show you all of the cool products our partners contributed to the build.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

It's All in The Details... and the Passion

Things that reporters and spectators commented on when they saw our Jeep FC 170 at SEMA were the fact that the employees at Daystar built this rig,  we didn't farm it out.  Second, they commented on the level of detail and care we put into building her.

TopGear says, "Adding Tank Tracks to Off-roaders is a Good Thing. And Even Better When They're Attached to Old Jeep Pick-ups."

The top-rated, long-running British television program (or as they say, "programme") loved our Jeep FC build at this year's 2014 SEMA show.

Guys, we invite you to come on an offroad adventure with us.  The first snow is here in the States and we're eager to take her out and put her through her paces.  Join us for some offroad fun!

Daystar Products’ Jeep FC 170 Truck With Hemi Power And Tracks Is 100% BangShift Approved

Bangshift.com had a wonderful write up on our Jeep FC build here, featuring some great shots of the vehicle, and a few details on its construction:

"This Jeep FC 170 was built by the employees of Daystar Products, an industry leading supplier for the off road market with a wide variety of lifts, leveling kits, and other products in their lineup. They decided to take on this Jeep FC 170 build as a literal team and the result is pure, unadulterated BangShifty perfection. From the green and white paint scheme to the chromed components on the tracks that the Jeep rides on, to the fact that there’s 345ci of late model Hemi engine to send this baby down the road, we’ve got no nits to pick with any of it... it shows the company is manned by enthusiasts that not only understand the products they sell but really love the industry they are in. The second is that these people have great skills and they were all put to great use on the build." 

AutoGuide.com Sez: #1 Vehicle at SEMA is Daystar's 1958 FC 170

"The number one spot is reserved for something unique: the Jeep Forward Control 170 complete with tracks all the way around. Plenty of custom work was done on this truck to get it to the amazing state we found it in at the SEMA Show, and it looks like it would be a blast to take out to the sand dunes or into the snow. 
To top it all off, this Jeep celebrates its Mopar heritage with a 5.7-liter HEMI V8 providing all the grunt you’ll ever need." 
The full photo gallery is here.

The Swiss say: "Not Just The Cars Are Hot at SEMA Las Vegas"

The Swiss website blick.ch have a nice photo gallery of all of the hot cars and products at SEMA...
But on page 22 of the photo gallery they take time to recognize the awesomeness of the Daystar 1958 FC 170 with the headline:

Nicht nur die Autos sind gepimpt

German Coverage for Daystar's FC at SEMA 2014

The German website Focus.de had a video recap of all the cool show vehicles and booths at SEMA 2014. Of course, our brand new Jeep FC was featured in their coverage.

Here's the video recap.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

MSN Autos and Motor Trend Name Daystar's FC "Best Jeep at SEMA, hands down."

Check it out here.

Daystar Products at SEMA 2014!

     The 2014 SEMA Show was a great event for Daystar. We enjoyed meeting all of you and sharing what it is we do with the off road, and automotive aftermarket  community.  

Our CEO, Mark Turner was invited to speak on NHTSA FMVSS 126 Compliance standards at the Vehicle Dynamics Forum.  Many of our Comfort Ride Lift and Leveling Kits are compliant with the strict safety standards set by the government including: Ford F150, Ford Super Duty, Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra, Dodge Rams and Jeep JKs. These standards ensure that aftermarket lift and leveling kits don't compromise the enhanced vehicle control provided by the OEM's Electronic Stability Control system. 

Two of the products you responded to most enthusiastically at SEMA are our Cam Cans (to which we've added all-new Black models), and our new Hood Cowl.  Below are the displays from our SEMA 2014 booth for each of these product lines.

 Here are the Cam Can mounts for UTVs, allowing for more storage anywhere on your vehicle.
 Here's a side-by-side configuration for our black liquid storage, and for the orange equipment Cam Can storage unit.
 Here's the typical Cam Can configuration, mounted on the spare...
And here's a closer view showing how the Cam Can fits flush within the tire.

Many people were curious as to what makes our Hood Cowl different than vent systems by other manufacturers. This display demonstrates how "under hood heat" is drawn away from the engine compartment  even when you are moving slowly across the terrain or even standing still.  

  • Reduces Under Hood Temperatures by 12%
  • Structural Integrity of the Hood Remains Intact
  • Templates Provided For Precise Installation
  • Under Hood Insulation is Retained
  • Fully Paintable
  • Comes Complete With All Necessary Parts
  • Made In The USA
 Here's the display showing how light and durable the abs plastic construction is for our Hood Cowl.  This allows for less installation time and effort, a perfect surface for paint, and a stylish addition to your Jeep's look.
 Here you see how the Heat is drawn away from the engine compartment and out through the Cowl's vents. All without having to compromise the integrity of your Jeep's hood, or removing the factory insulation.
And a closer look. Each Daystar Hood Cowl comes complete with detailed installation instructions,  and we've even produced a video to show you how easy it is to install.

Again, thanks for coming by to see us at SEMA, and we hope that we'll see you again at one of the many Offroad Events we attend throughout the year.

Monday, November 3, 2014


The SEMA Show is the automotive aftermarket's biggest event of the year where literally hundreds

(thousands?) of companies gather together at the Las Vegas Convention Center to showcase their innovative products to enhance your driving experience.  Daystar is proud to join our colleagues in the industry and show the offroad audience what it is we do better than anyone else.

If you're attending the show, please drop by and visit us at our booths. We'd love to hear from you, and show you what we have in store for your offroading enjoyment --  The Best Jeep Lift Kits,  Hood Accessories,  Our Patented Cam Cans, Truck Accessories, and much more.

You'll also get an up close and personal look at our latest project vehicle:

Again, if you're attending the SEMA Show please stop by and say, "hi."  We'd love to hear from you!