Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Daystar Products’ Jeep FC 170 Truck With Hemi Power And Tracks Is 100% BangShift Approved had a wonderful write up on our Jeep FC build here, featuring some great shots of the vehicle, and a few details on its construction:

"This Jeep FC 170 was built by the employees of Daystar Products, an industry leading supplier for the off road market with a wide variety of lifts, leveling kits, and other products in their lineup. They decided to take on this Jeep FC 170 build as a literal team and the result is pure, unadulterated BangShifty perfection. From the green and white paint scheme to the chromed components on the tracks that the Jeep rides on, to the fact that there’s 345ci of late model Hemi engine to send this baby down the road, we’ve got no nits to pick with any of it... it shows the company is manned by enthusiasts that not only understand the products they sell but really love the industry they are in. The second is that these people have great skills and they were all put to great use on the build." 

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